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Quinoa muffins…

May 8, 20150

Yes, I made quinoa muffins! I know it sounds really hipster and actually disgusting, but believe me they taste amazing! In March…

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Stuffed sweet potatoes

April 8, 20150

This recipe is a great side dish for your main course. It's quite easy to make and it is something…

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Healthy starter: chicory snacks

November 30, 20140

I saw this recipe at a Dutch magazine called Smult and it is a great healthy starter. I am thinking…

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Seriously delicious healthy brownies!

November 3, 20140

Yes, I am serious! And I am quite critical when it comes to a decent sweet treat (check out my…

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healthy breakfast blueberry muffins

August 12, 20140

This is a great idea for if you are in a hurry in the morning or looking for a healthy…

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My top 5 health & food apps

July 31, 20140

For the people who know me, they know I love my phone and that I have a ridiculous amount of…

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Classic Tiramisu

July 28, 20140

I love Italian food and this is a classic Italian dessert. This is my first homemade tiramisu and the recipe is…

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Spicy Turkish pizza’s

July 23, 20140

These pizza's are delicious and healthy! The base is a wrap that becomes crusty when you place it in the…

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Indonesian fried rice

July 21, 20140

When I was in Bali, I had the best 'nasi goreng' ever! So I went back to Bali again and…

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Homemade tuna salad

July 19, 20140

A quick and easy recipe for a lovely tuna salad. It's made in less than 5 minutes :) I often bought…

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