Monthly Archives: July 2014

My top 5 health & food apps

July 31, 20140

For the people who know me, they know I love my phone and that I have a ridiculous amount of…

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Classic Tiramisu

July 28, 20140

I love Italian food and this is a classic Italian dessert. This is my first homemade tiramisu and the recipe is…

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Spicy Turkish pizza’s

July 23, 20140

These pizza's are delicious and healthy! The base is a wrap that becomes crusty when you place it in the…

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Indonesian fried rice

July 21, 20140

When I was in Bali, I had the best 'nasi goreng' ever! So I went back to Bali again and…

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Homemade tuna salad

July 19, 20140

A quick and easy recipe for a lovely tuna salad. It's made in less than 5 minutes :) I often bought…

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Volkshotel – Canvas

July 17, 20140

Wow, wat a massive change! I used to go quite often to the 'old' Canvas, but they've done an amazing…

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Cafe Mojo Amsterdam

July 16, 20141

I recently moved to Amsterdam East and totally discovering this part of the city! Cafe Mojo is located at the Ringdijk 3,…

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Amazing Ottolenghi salad

July 16, 20140

I am in love with this eggplant salad from Ottolenghi! It's a recipe from the Ottolenghi Cookbook. Normally I am not…

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Sunday morning run

July 13, 20140

After an amazing year living in London with lots of dining in lovely restaurants, tasting all the different Gins & Tonics and I quit…

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OMG – Millionaire shortbread

July 9, 20140

This is amazing! It's the best combination of cookie, caramel and chocolate, mmm... It's soo delicious, the texture is lovely,…

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